Cities of Croatia

Who hasn’t heard of Split, Zagreb or Dubrovnik? Whether it’s one of the dream destinations in a magazine, a chat with friends or a TV programme, Croatia is a little-known destination, but one that’s getting more and more media coverage. Regular airlines and a real craze for this small country between Italy and Greece automatically lead to an influx of new visitors every year. So which Croatian city should you visit?

Most of Croatia’s tourist towns are on the Adriatic coast. The capital and inland towns are less sought-after, attracting a different kind of holidaymaker in search of heritage, culture and nature.

Must-see cities in Croatia

The country’s capital is the only major tourist destination not in the immediate vicinity of the sea.

Located at the southernmost tip of Croatia, the city is a popular destination for holidaymakers.

A city steeped in history, Split is also the gateway to Croatia’s most famous islands.

Dalmatian port city with Roman and Venetian heritage.

Historic town listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Istrian city with a Roman heritage that is unique in the world.

Dubrovnik’s historic centre aside, Croatia’s cities are inhabited by Croatians. There are tourist attractions, cafés, restaurants and terraces where you can relax, as well as everything you need for everyday life. The atmosphere is therefore more authentic, but you will have to put up with a few inconveniences (life starts early in the morning).

It’s easy to find accommodation in any town in Croatia. Depending on the season and the reputation of the town, you will need to book (or not) and, if you are looking for accommodation at the last minute, you may need to contact the Tourist Office to obtain a list of official accommodation providers. There are hotels everywhere, but Croatians have always preferred to rent: in town, the bulk of short-term rental accommodation for holidaymakers is in the form of rooms and city flats.

Here is a list of the main towns and tourist destinations in Croatia, arranged by region and in alphabetical order.

Tourist towns by the sea in Croatia

Towns in Istria

Towns of Kvarner

Towns of Dalmatia

Inland tourist towns in Croatia

Towns in central Croatia

  • Rural Bjelovar
  • Duga Resa and its outdoor activities
  • Karlovac, its castle and its beer
  • Ogulin, its castle and the legend of Đula
  • Samobor, Zagreb’s neighbour
  • Sisak and its 3 rivers
  • Slunj and the Rastoke mills
  • Zagreb, the capital with its monuments and wide range of cultural activities

Towns of Northern Croatia and Slavonia