Vue aérienne de Novigrad
Aerial view of Novigrad

Novigrad is a port city on the west coast of Istria. It is located 15 km south of Buje. The town was built on a limestone peninsula at the entrance of a large bay where you can enjoy a calm sea. The wooded surroundings on the jagged coast are one of this destination’s special features.

The main activities of the locals are agriculture and fishing. The fishing areas along the coast of Novigrad start from the harbor and extend to the northern Adriatic Sea.

The historical center is located on a small peninsula. It is surrounded by partially preserved medieval walls and fortification towers. Novigrad’s houses and palaces still have architectural details from the 15th and 18th centuries. The “Rigo Palace”, decorated with a baroque portal and built in an 18th century architectural style, is a must-see sight in the city.

ruelle Novigrad
Novigrad’s colorful alley

Besides the coastal atmosphere, tourists can enjoy hunting in the Mirna Valley and canoeing in the calm sea.

Novigrad’s festivals

Novigrad’s traditional festivals are:

  • the Heineken summer Jazz festival, during the summer evenings of July and August,
  • the folk festival of Saint Pelagius,
  • the three-day celebration of the city’s patron saint Pelagius at the end of August.