Petrčane is a tourist destination located between Zadar and Nin. This port town is located 15 km northwest of Zadar. Petrčane is an old fishing village and its residents have been fishing since at least the 10th century.

Petrcane in the sun

This small seaside town has pebble beaches surrounded by a pine forest. You can enjoy a clean and clear sea on these beaches. Small pleasure boats can moor in the port.

The coast around Petrčane is characterised by picturesque coves, small bays and rock formations. These landscapes offer unique opportunities for photography and outdoor relaxation.

The city has excellent accommodation facilities with a choice of hotels, hotel residences in tourist complexes and apartments for rent. Visitors have access to land and water sports facilities. The locals are proud of their cuisine and culture. They share it with visitors who enjoy the celebrations and holidays. The local economy is primarily based on agriculture and fishing.

Tourist and leisure activities

Off the coast of Petrčane are several islands, including the island of Vir and the island of Ugljan. These islands add to the beauty of the coastal panorama and offer opportunities for boat trips to explore the area further.

For your nights out, you can find a discotheque in Petrčane. During the day, there are organized excursions to the islands of the Zadar archipelago, to the Kornati National Park and to the town of Nin, known for its cultural and historical heritage.

Petrčane is close to the historic city of Zadar, known for its Roman remains, medieval architecture and lively atmosphere. This allows visitors to combine the tranquillity of Petrčane with the cultural richness of Zadar.