Getting to Croatia

Whether it’s by plane (the fastest), ferry (the most relaxing), train or car, there’s bound to be a means of transport that suits you for your future holidays in Europe and a suitable solution for getting to Croatia.

How do I get to Croatia?

Depending on where you start from and where you end up, there will be more or less options. Some islands are well served (even by plane), while some destinations a little further inland are far from everything. The car is the default solution, and the short distances in Croatia are sometimes misleading: journey times by car can be very long.

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Travelling to Croatia by plane

Flying is the fastest way to get to Croatia, but it’s also often the most expensive. Weekly and daily flights in high season, depending on the airline, from many European cities and from the UK (London, Edinburgh, Newquay, Manchester) and Ireland (Dublin).
Regular flights between Zagreb, the capital, and the major cities of the Middle East. Regular flights between the United States of America and Croatia’s main international airports.

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Getting to Croatia by boat

Convenient from Italy or even the south of France, coming to Croatia by boat is longer but more pleasant. You can choose between an organised cruise, a small pleasure boat or a ferry transfer. These are best used if you plan to stay in Croatia for more than two weeks.

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Going to Croatia by car

With a hire car, it’s easy to get to Croatia by road from any departure point in Europe. Expect to pay tolls and vignettes and to cross several borders. Worth considering if you plan to visit Europe by road on your airports.

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Going to Croatia by bus

Slower than other means of transport, but cheaper. Weekly trips from the main bus stations. Lots of stops. For slow travellers.

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Travelling to Croatia by train

Discover the country in a different way, using Europe’s railways. The itineraries are well thought-out and the tickets competitive compared with other modes of transport.