Karlobag seafront

Karlobag is a small village located on the Adriatic coast in Croatia. The village is dominated by the famous Velebit mountain (only 5 km away) and overlooks the island of Pag. Karlobag is located about 40 km from Senj to the north and Starigrad to the south.

The Velebit National Park is very close to the village and is very popular for its natural and mountainous environment. The road leading to it from the village is winding, but offers wonderful views. You can reach the National Park of Paklenica by the “Magistrala”, a highway along the Adriatic Sea.

Karlobag is populated by about 1,000 people year-round (half of them in the main town) and has kept its village atmosphere. The village is located on the side of the mountain and is surrounded by bushes. Karlobag is located along the rocky coast, which has a number of creeks and small beaches. The marina and main promenade along the coast are similar to those of other Croatian seaside villages. The scenery consists of beautiful, bright, weathered stonework and a waterfront of picturesque houses with shops on the first floor.

Coucher de soleil à Karlobag
Sunset on Karlobag’s port

Karlobag was founded by the Roman Emperor Charles IV. In the 14th century, it was named after a Germanic Roman emperor. The town has several historical monuments, notably the Capuchin convent with its paintings, as well as several churches dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. You can see the ruins of a medieval fortress called “Fortica” on the hill that dominates the city. The fortress is surrounded by a pleasant Mediterranean garden and the church of St. Charles Borromeo built in 1615.

The main activities in the city are fishing and tourism. For sports and leisure activities, there is boating and hiking. Karlobag is known for its excellent trail network in the surrounding mountains. There are two national parks within easy reach of Karlobag. The village is very close to high peaks, which makes it a pleasant place to stay even in winter. You can reach the ski resorts in less than 15 minutes and enjoy the snow with a view of the sea.