Once you’re there, what will you do? Croatia’s varied territory means there’s something for everyone. From culture and sport to relaxation and going out, you’re sure to find something to do during your stay in Croatia. As well as the usual range of sports and leisure activities, Croatia has some truly exceptional offerings: diving and big game hunting, for example.

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Water activities in Croatia

With 3,700 miles of coastline, over 1,000 islands, a landscape sculpted by water and numerous lakes, there are plenty of water-related activities in Croatia.

Crikvenica in Croatia


Whether of fine sand or more often of pebbles, Croatia’s beaches are an invitation to swim: varied and welcoming, particularly in Dalmatia and Istria.

bateau Badija

Nautical tourism

Anchor every evening in a different little port and enjoy the unspoilt coves during the day. The Adriatic is a renowned playground for swimming and yachting.

voilier sur la mer


Let yourself be guided on the translucent waters and enjoy the view from a cruise ship: taste the pleasures of the Adriatic coast, its calm and its natural attractions.

kayak de loisir en Croatie

Canoeing – kayaking

On the sea or in freshwater, this is another very pleasant way to enjoy Croatia. Half-day rentals and full-day excursions allow you to discover Croatia’s rich coastline and waters.

planche à voile adriatique


Windsurfing, kitesurfing and other wind-powered watercraft are plentiful thanks to the constant winds. These activities are not just for enthusiasts: discovery events and introductory courses are common.

plongée en apnée au dessus d'une épave


With a tank or just a mask and snorkel, discover the rich underwater scenery. The fauna is varied and the underwater scenery interesting. As a bonus, the sea is warm and the many archipelagos mean you can see many species of fish.

Outdoor activities and other activities in Croatia

The mainland offers a wealth of possibilities, thanks in particular to its unspoilt nature and sumptuous landscapes. In Croatia, you can find yourself completely out of time and civilisation in just a few miles.

Enjoying the local gastronomy and tasting Croatian wines, visiting old stones and spending an afternoon in a museum: there’s plenty to do in Croatia to make your trip a complete and varied experience.

vue des cascades du parc de Plitvice

Croatia’s national parks

These are the jewels of the country. Protected, the national parks are very varied: sea, mountain, forest… You must visit at least one during your holidays in Croatia : Plitvice or Krka…

Medvednica en Croatie

Croatia’s nature parks

Enjoy fully protected nature in the country’s dozen or so nature parks, which complement the national parks.

nourriture croatie

Croatian gastronomy

Typical Croatian dishes, fish and seafood on the coast, game and cured meats inland… Croatian cuisine is a blend of Eastern and Western influences. Worth discovering.

Plus de 130 cépages en Croatie

Wines of Croatia

The sunshine, varied soils and micro-climates of Croatia’s hillsides promise tastings and oenological experiences with unique, rich, unusual and varied tastes.

Nuit de fête à Zrcé

Party time

Often in beach clubs or even on board a dedicated boat, partying and music are a must for young people on holiday. Since the 2000s, Croatia has forged a solid reputation as a party destination.

plage naturiste en croatie


With so many sun-drenched spots, naturism is well established in Croatia. The multitude of small coves and the friendliness of the Croatian people have made the country a favourite destination for naturists for over 50 years.

coucher de soleil en vélo


There are many and varied cycling routes in Croatia, both on roads and trails (mountain bikes and mountain bikes). They are a delight for cycling enthusiasts.

randonneurs au parc national de Risnjak


The beauty of the Croatian landscape makes the country a sought-after destination for lovers of hiking, walking and the great outdoors.

escalade en croatie


Lots of mountains and lots of climbing routes. Sculptures in the karst rock have shaped the landscape and some surprising caves.

croatie, terre équestre

Horse riding

As a great horse country, Croatia offers some very pretty rides in the midst of charming landscapes. The great outdoors without tiring yourself out… that’s the promise of an activity that’s accessible to all the family.

chasse en Croatie

Hunting and fishing

The many rivers and game-filled forests make Croatia a sought-after destination for those who enjoy fishing and hunting…

croatie, tennis


Tennis is widely played in Croatia, much to the delight of clay-loving holidaymakers. This activity is available in Croatia’s seaside resorts and is often within walking distance of the hotel or campsite.