Trakosan or Trakošćan is a village located inland, in the county of Krapina-Zagorje. The town is located near the main road from Zagreb and Maribor to Vienna, about 70 km from the capital and about 40 km from Varaždin in northern Croatia. With its castle, the town is one of the most popular tourist spots in Croatia.

Trakoscan le chateau
Trakošćan Castle

The countryside around Trakošćan, especially the Bednja region in the northwestern part of Hrvatska, is full of beautiful unspoiled nature. You can do outdoor excursions at the foot of the surrounding mountains, which will delight the entire family.

The area surrounding Trakošćan is full of charm, surrounded by vineyards, forests, meadows, orchards and green hills. Another attraction of this destination is definitely its cultural richness. Its warm and welcoming hosts have preserved its old traditions.

If you are passing through the region, you shouldn’t miss the Croatian castle of Zagorje-Trakoscan, which is an architectural pearl. George Drakovi restored this castle in the early 1800s and turned it into a noble residence. This aristocratic mansion, located on the lake, was also embellished with romantic parks that call for bucolic strolls. Julian Erdoedy’s studio and a collection of weapons dating from the 15th to the 19th century are also worth seeing at the castle.

The strong winds at Ravna Gora attract hang gliding and paragliding enthusiasts. There are also 150 km of marked trails for hikers. Cyclists will enjoy the 550 km of cycling paths. Be careful though, as hunting is one of the main activities of the region, so you should stay on the marked routes. The lake located below the Trakošćan castle will delight those who like to fish.