Croatia has a long history of tourism. Hotels have been in existence since the late 19th century. In other words, you’ll have no problem finding the right accommodation for your holiday in the country. There are plenty of campsites and hotels in Croatia, but it’s mainly homestays, or “sobe”, that account for the majority of overnight stays.

Find accommodation in Croatia

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Holiday rentals

Whether it’s a room in a private home, a complete flat or a villa, private accommodation is very common in Croatia. Value for money is often unbeatable.

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Hotels can be found all over Croatia, although they are mainly to be found in Zagreb and the seaside resorts.

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Campsites are mainly found on the shores of the Adriatic. Fewer inland. The campsites are well maintained and the level of service is very similar to that found in France.

Other accommodation in Croatia

  • Lighthouses for hire. These unusual lighthouses are available for rent by the night, weekend or week in Croatia. Around ten lighthouses are open, but availability is limited and scarcity comes at a high price.
  • Youth hostels exist in Croatia and, like everywhere else, offer very affordable prices, provided you are willing to share a room and have the international card to stay there. There are also pensions and guest houses offering more personalised services and packages with evening meals and breakfast included.
  • Camping-car and van life. Itinerant travellers will have no problem with Croatia. Vanlife is not very well developed here, but motorhomes and nomadic travellers will find pleasant places to spend the night.

Good to know

  • There are two types of hotel. The old, uninviting state hotels and the new, much more welcoming establishments. A real race for stars has taken hold in the country and it is easier to find a 3 or 4 star hotel than a budget hotel. However, you shouldn’t trust this classification with your eyes closed.
  • There are many naturist campsites in Croatia. They are easy to spot with their FKK logo.

All-inclusive or not?

If you go through a travel agency or an online travel specialist, you may choose to take an all-inclusive package with accommodation and catering. In Croatia, this type of package is not part of the local culture, and even though the services may be of good quality, you will mainly be getting standardised services. Not the ideal way to discover Croatian culture.

Accommodation prices in Croatia

Over the years and with the general move upmarket in accommodation, prices in Croatia have come to resemble those in France. Rates are more expensive:

  • In high season ;
  • In seaside resorts and on the coast;
  • On campsites and in hotels.

Booking or last-minute accommodation?

In high season, the economy is driven by tourism, and you’ll always find someone to help you. But in the most sought-after areas, there is a real risk of not having any accommodation available. If you know exactly where you’re going, it’s best to book via a specialist website or the listings at tourist offices.

Out of season, you’ll have no problem finding accommodation, but not necessarily in English or at all times of day. If you’re going on a touring holiday, be sure to phone before you arrive.