biograd en croatie
Biograd and its port

Biograd na Moru is a port city in northern Dalmatia. Its port on the Adriatic Sea is located 28 km south of Zadar. Biograd sits on a small peninsula that extends into the mainland. The bay of Bosana can be found to the north of Biograd, and to the south, a large sandy beach surrounded by pine trees can be accessed in the Soline district.

Biograd, a city and a seaside resort

The town of Biograd na Moru traces back to antiquity. It was known as Blandona and was the capital of Roman Liburnia. Later, several Croatian kings chose to live here, but in the 12th century, the powerful Venetians took their revenge and conquered it in 1202. The Venetians called it the Old Town of Zadar.

The official name Biograd na Moru means  “the white city on the sea”. According to the legend, when God was done creating the earth, he had so many beautiful things left in his hands that he decided to scatter them in a place where he found the sea beautiful. Biograd was the place where he left the remaining wonders.

The islands of Planac (Otok Planac), Catherine (Sveta Katarina) (the one with the lighthouse) and the forested island of Pasman are located in front of the town. The port of Biograd na Moru is a good connection to Pasman and the surrounding islands. Sailors heading to Kornati often choose Biograd as a place to stop over. Life is centered around boating and the two very modern marinas. There you will find many restaurants serving local culinary specialties. The city is a dynamic and attractive local commercial center with an economy based on agriculture, fishing and tourism.

Things to do in Biograd

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Biograd boat show

Biograd is located on the most secluded part of the Croatian coast and is known for its beautiful beaches, picturesque coves and waterfront. Biograd’s seaside is full of stores and restaurants where you can have lunch or just enjoy a drink. The town also has great boating and sailing options. Those who enjoy diving or tennis, one of the national sports, will be delighted to discover this destination.

Nature lovers can visit the national parks of Paklenica, Kornati Krka, as well as the nature parks of Telascica and Vrana Lake.

Biograd boat show

Biograd has been hosting one of the largest boat shows in the world since the beginning of the 21st century. This event takes place every year on the last weekend of October and gathers more than 300 professionals and the same number of boats. This boat show is one of the 3 most important boat shows in the Adriatic region, with more than 50,000 visitors. This trade show takes place during the day and when the sun sets, the city center hosts boat and yachting events (concerts, shows).

The show takes place in the Kornati marina, one of the largest marinas in the country, because it has the perfect infrastructure for the event. Every year, more than 50 regattas and other nautical events are organized here. The show lasts 5 days, so visitors can take the time to visit the surrounding area, including the royal city of Biograd. More and more high quality tourist facilities (leisure, hotels, restaurants) have been built in the city with the development of the boat show, ensuring visitors a pleasant stay in Biograd na Moru.