The small village of Zaton belongs to the neighboring municipality of Nin, which is only 2 km away. Zaton and its beach are also easily accessible from Zadar, which is about 15 km away.

If you are looking for quiet and peaceful places, Zaton is definitely a destination to choose for your vacation in Croatia. You can enjoy the crystal clear water, the shade of the pine trees and the beautiful sunsets on the Adriatic Sea. Zaton combines culture and relaxation with its typical Dalmatian architecture and pleasant Mediterranean climate. The village also features unspoiled nature, a rich historical and cultural heritage, and village life. The tourist center of Zaton is very lively every day.

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Zaton Beach

The church of St. Nicholas

The church is located on a hill between Nin and Zaton. It is the only preserved Roman relic in the area. The central part of the first floor and the cross vault of the church of St. Nicholas date from the end of the 11th and beginning of the 12th century.

The church building has become a symbol of local heritage over the years, feeding the myths and legends of the region. Seven kings were crowned in this church, according to ancient tales.

The Kastelina Tower

The ruins of the Kastelina Tower still dominate the skyline of the island of Vir, just a short distance from Zaton. Built at the end of the 16th century by the Venetians, the tower’s main purpose was to provide protection against the Turks.

Underwater archaeology

The “liburnica serilia” boat is the most important local underwater discovery. It was found in the Roman port of Aenona, located between Privlaka and Zaton. The ship probably sank in the middle of the 1st century. Some remains of the ship’s equipment, such as pulleys, sails and cleats for making them, are on display in the Museum of Nin. The bottom of the port also contained many vases and objects made of ceramic or glass (plates, bowls, cups, jugs), combs, coins and jewelry. These antiquities are now displayed in the Archaeological Museum (muzej ninskih starina) in Nin.