Vue aérienne de Groznjan
Aerial view of Groznjan

Grožnjan is a small fortified village located in the northwest of Istria, 25 km from the sea. This hamlet is located on a headland and is very proud of its traditions, cultural and patrimonial treasures. This is a place of gastronomy and culture. Throughout the year, different cultural events are organized among the village’s old stones.

Groznjan was deserted after the Second World War and the local authorities had the good idea to give the empty houses to artists. Quickly, the village came back to life and today there are more than 35 artistic workshops despite the village not having more than a thousand residents.

Grožnjan was inhabited since ancient times and was first home to a Roman fort and its outbuildings. A first fortress was mentioned in the Middle Ages and it had different owners in the following centuries. Venice’s influence remained strong and 2/3 of the population emigrated to nearby Italy at the end of the war. The village officially became a village again only in 1993.

During the summer months, Grožnjan is a festive place where you can attend classical music concerts and jazz festivals. There are also many artists and painting exhibitions (especially during the annual festival), which can be seen in the municipal gallery or in the many other private galleries and art studios. Today, Grožnjan maintains its art tradition. This is reflected in its busy cultural calendar, which includes concerts almost every day, art openings, performances, studio visits and art gallery visits.

Groznjan en Istrie
Groznjan and its historic streets

Nature is not left out and visitors can also take a walk in the surrounding hills and discover nearby places like Završje, Kostanjica or Šterna. You can visit small, authentic churches and enjoy the beautiful landscape in peace and quiet. In Grožnjan you can stay in comfortable accommodations and relax in a quiet atmosphere. Here you can breathe in the smell of freshly cut grass, listen to the birds singing and enjoy the flowers in the fields, the Mediterranean vegetation and the pine forests.

As for food, visitors can enjoy excellent traditional dishes. The menu includes a wealth of local products such as prosciutto, local cheeses, and dishes seasoned with award-winning olive oil. Lovers of Italian cuisine will recognize the influences of the neighboring country located only a few kilometers away from Grožnjan.