Vue aérienne de la zone de loisirs
Jarun Lake in Zagreb

Zagreb has a large body of water dedicated to recreational activities: Lake Jarun or simply called Jarun by the locals. The lake is located south of the city center and is the result of gravel extraction from the Sava River. It is the largest recreational area of the city. The site was built in 1980 to accommodate the inhabitants of Zagreb for their leisure activities and has been progressively remodeled. The first competitions, including the World University Games, were held seven years later.

The aquatic area is more than one kilometer long and 300 meters wide and is divided into several parts. These parts are divided into four islands, which can be reached by foot across several bridges. The lake is surrounded by large green spaces, wooded areas and pebble beaches.

An aquatic area dedicated to sports

The main aquatic area has stands and is used for water sports competitions. Recreational activities are separated by several lines on the water. This place is well known by locals who come to rest, have fun or practice sports. They make up the majority of the public.

A bicycle path around the lake welcomes joggers, cyclists and rollerbladers as soon as the sun rises. You have to wait until the temperatures become warmer to see canoes, rowing boats and pedal boats sailing on the calm waters of the lake. A part of the lake is also dedicated to wakeboarding, which can be practiced pulled by a cable. In the summer, the lake’s water is warm enough for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

There are bars, restaurants and nightclubs around the lake where you can continue to enjoy a sunny day until the end of the night. The INmusic Festival, one of the most important music events in the Croatian capital, is held there.

It takes about 20 minutes to get there from the city center, and is easily accessible by streetcar (lines 5 and 17) for a few kuna. For those who are looking for a place to relax closer to the center and completely free, Bundek Park is an ideal alternative.