Bundek park

Lac du parc Bundek
Bundek Park lake

Parc Bundek is a favourite strolling destination for the inhabitants of Zagreb, the Croatian capital. Here, people come not so much to appreciate the works of art, the local heritage gems or the traditional folklore, but simply to relax around the water.

Parc Bundek is a large, kilometre-long park in the centre of the lower town (Novi Zagreb Est). It runs along the south bank of the River Save, not far from the racecourse and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

A feature of the capital since the 19th century, the park was renovated in the mid-2000s. Since then, the lakes have been completely remodelled and new services (leisure activities, toilets, restaurants, etc.) are available to the public.

Smaller than Jarun Park, Bundek Park is also closer to the centre and has a more sophisticated design. The park is made up of two artificial lakes that can be crossed by a long, beautiful footbridge. One of the lakes is surrounded by a large gravel beach, while the rest of the park is equipped with numerous paths winding through the trees and offering a choice of walks or sports activities. The first lake, the smaller of the two, is preserved and left in its natural state. The second, the larger, is dedicated to leisure activities and is open to bathers.

Le grand lac du parc Bundek
Swimming in Parc Bundek

In summer, Zagreb residents are used to sunbathing and swimming in the larger of the two lakes. The latter is supervised for added safety, making it perfect for a family day out. With several play parks and large gardens, children have plenty of room to play and enjoy themselves after visiting the capital’s museums.

The city’s gardeners give free rein to their imagination here. Their work makes the park sumptuous in spring. At this time of year, the gardens host Foraart, the international garden festival. Other festive events, such as the Runjanfest, are also held in Bundek Park from spring through to late summer. There’s even an aquatic stage with five large bleachers. For over 20 years, this is where the fireworks for the international pyrotechnics festival (Vatrometa) have been set off, held every year in the park.

Bundek Park is ideal on a sunny day for a green break from sightseeing. It’s a great change of pace, where you can take your time watching the swans on the calm waters and enjoy a well-deserved picnic. Be warned: barbecues take over the park at weekends.

Access to the park is easy. You can get there by tram, bus or car (there is a car park), and why not take your bike and explore the park on two wheels?