Salute to the Sun

installation Greetings to the Sun
Salute to the Sun in Zadar

The city of Zadar has another installation that is very popular with vacationers, the Sun Salute (Pozdrav Suncu in Croatian), which is only 50 meters away from the Sea Organ.

This artistic installation is embedded in the concrete floor of the pier and is made up of 300 glass panels. These glass panels form a large 22-meter diameter circle and reveal their secret at nightfall. Photovoltaic cells under the glass surface absorb solar energy and diffuse a thousand and one lights as soon as dusk arrives. The Salute to the Sun is a symbol of communication with nature communicating through light, while its alter ego, the Organ of the Sea, communicates through sound.

The most important monument represents the Sun and is surrounded by a representation of each planet in the solar system. The different lights projected by the Salute to the Sun are determined by external factors such as the rhythm and sound of the waves. The lights can also be controlled remotely by computer during special events. The result is amazing and allows you to enjoy colorful and animated patterns all night long.

A metal ring around the circle of light panels is marked with the city’s saints and sunshine information for their feast day. Saint Chrysogonus holds a special place among the religious figures mentioned. He is credited with great scientific advances in the 13th century, including his calendar and astronomical works, which were very useful for maritime navigation.

The installation, created by the artist Nikola Bašić in 2008, also supplies the entire Riva with energy at a third of the cost of energy used previously.