Organ of the Sea

orgue naturel qui joue en fonction de la mer
Zadar Sea Organ

The Zadar Sea Organ or Sea Organ is an original creation by Nikola Bašić. The Croatian architect was awarded a European prize in 2006 for his work.

The original idea was to rehabilitate the city, following the extensive damage of the Second World War. The riva was rebuilt as a huge concrete block, but the city council was not satisfied. In 2005, a section of this promenade along the coast was redesigned and transformed as part of a project to redevelop the coast.

The Morske Orgulje (Sea Organ) was built on the seafront and is 70 m long. It is an important feature of the city’s seafront. It is made up of 35 underground tubes which lead out into the open air through marble staircases with eight steps. These tubes are connected to the sea by pipes and are subject to the pressure of the waves, generating sounds according to the strength and amplitude of the tide.

Water and wind create the music coming from the mouths of the giant instrument. The result is a strange melody that constantly escapes from the organ’s air vents and varies according to the weather conditions. For more information, there is a very complete article explaining all the details of the construction and its acoustics.

The organ attracts locals and visitors alike. The project might have raised some opposition among residents, but a survey conducted by the city council found that 77% of them are happy with it. A walk along the Sea Organ is a fun activity to do with the family. The location is also perfect to enjoy the sunset with your partner. A few meters away, the Salute to the Sun, created by the same architect, also attracts visitors.