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christophe hvar
Christophe in Hvar

Behind this website dedicated to Croatia are Élodie and Christophe, two Frenchmen from Haute-Savoie. We’re not big travellers (most of our holidays are spent in France), nor are we bloggers or influencers, but that doesn’t stop us from being particularly attracted to Croatia after discovering it by chance.

Our first trip to this beautiful country was in 2016. At the time, we took a tour of Trogir, Split and the nearby islands of Hvar. What we really liked about Croatia at the time, apart from the beautiful scenery, was its great diversity and wealth of riches in such a small area. And even though the country is small, we’re never done discovering and visiting.

So when we like a destination, we tell people about it and we want to go back. Some of our friends and family have gone there on our advice, and they’ve all enjoyed it. So, even though we’ve already been to Croatia, we’re confident that we’ll be back again.

elodie trogir
Élodie in Trogir

This website already existed before and we have completely redesigned it to make it our own and add our personal touch. On these pages, we try to be factual and give our opinion and feedback when we think it’s useful. When our travel photos are of sufficiently good quality, we include them, but it has to be said that a good smartphone does not necessarily make a good photographer.

We still have a lot of work to do to make this site a complete, simple and consistent resource, and we strive to improve it a little every month when we can spend a few hours on it. So please bear with us if some of the content is missing or has been dealt with too quickly.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by email at (change the AROBASE to @). We treat all requests made to us with interest and attention, but please note that we cannot answer requests relating to travel organisation (we don’t want to take on this responsibility). If, on the other hand, you spot inaccurate information, wish to add something or share your photos, for example, your messages will be welcomed and dealt with quickly to benefit all readers of this site.

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