Dolac Market

marché de Dolac
Zagreb’s belly

The best way to dive into the authentic Zagreb is to experience what the locals are doing. Farmers from the surrounding area travel to the capital every day until early afternoon to sell their crops.

Zagreb’s central market is located in the Dolac district, not far from the cathedral. This market is full of fascinating people in a pleasant atmosphere where scents, noises and colorful stalls stimulate all the senses. In the summer, the market is covered with red umbrellas to protect its guests from the sun, turning the market into a colorful place.

The large square that now serves as a daily food market has only been around since 1920. It replaced an old decaying area after many negotiations by the city to take over the land. Today, the market has a covered market hall and many outdoor stalls.

marché de Dolac zagreb
Dolac market in Zagreb in the spring rain

Zagreb has a long history with markets. Since 1425, the Croatian capital has been regularly organizing the sale of fresh produce and other foodstuffs.

Prices at the Dolac market can be higher than elsewhere. Producers sell their best produce here, which is reflected in the prices. The market can change dramatically depending on the season. Producers adapt to the harvest of the day to offer seasonal products.

Strolling the aisles of the Dolac market is one of the must-do free activities in Zagreb: if you don’t buy anything, at least you’ll have the pleasure of mingling with the everyday life of the Zagreb locals.