Kamerlengo Castle

The Kamerlengo Castle (Kamerlengu in Croatian) is located in Trogir, on the southwestern part of the historical island, facing the sea. The castle dates from the 15th century and was built by Marin Radoj on the orders of the Venetian Republic (which ruled Trogir from 1420 to 1797). The fort overlooks the city from over 30 meters high. It was built in less than 20 years and was occupied by Venetian soldiers.

Trogir, vue du château de Kamerlengo
Kamerlengo Fortress in Trogir

There used to be a simple tower (Veriga tower) in the same location, which was used to watch the sea since the first century. The castle is called Kamerlengo because the camerlengo in Italian was the chamberlain, meaning the representative of the Venetian authority.

The fortifications disappeared long ago and all that remains is the imposing castle with its main polygonal tower whose purpose was to protect and alert the local population. Observant visitors will notice calcite concretions on the limestone walls caused by the passage of time.

The visit is very simple, there is no guide and little information other than the main sign at the entrance of the castle on the south side. The inner courtyard is empty. People go there to admire the landscape and to take a walk on the ramparts. The castle, in its current state, is more a ruin than a museum.

The site is not accessible to people with reduced mobility and is not recommended for people who are afraid of heights. The railings are not very safe. Please note that there are toilets inside Trogir if you are looking for them.

The St. Mark’s Tower, not far from there to the north, completes the island’s defense system. The Batarija, one of the most unusual soccer stadiums in the world, is located between the tower and the castle, separating the two protected monuments in an original way.

The place is used every summer for theatrical performances and nightly light shows. The light displays on the building are particularly well done.